Man finds kangaroos eating toilet roll

Matt Trayner was shocked to discover the kangaroos snacking on toilet roll at a national park in southern Australia.

Man finds kangaroos eating toilet roll

A backpacker in Australia were shocked to see kangaroos munching on toilet roll.

Matt Trayner found the animals munching on the unconventional snack at Flinders Ranges National Park in southern Australia.

He filmed the bizarre scene and could be heard saying: "Lads, what is going on?! They're eating the toilet paper! Guys, that's not nutritious - what are you doing?"

Matt, who hails from Surrey, had been out drinking with his girlfriend and other friends when he found the bathroom occupied by the animals.

He said: "You don't imagine having to battle for the loos with two kangaroos munching away on toilet paper late at night.

"We'd all had a few drinks that night too, so that made the sight even funnier!"

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