McDonald's restaurant opening making history

A McDonald's restaurant is set to open in Rutland, the only county in England that doesn't have the golden arches.

McDonald's restaurant opening making history

The last county in England without the golden arches is set to get a McDonald's restaurant.

Proposals to build the fast food branch on the outskirts of Oakham, Rutland, have been approved by local councillors, although some residents fear the establishment will adversely affect the character of the nation's smallest county.

Rutland County Council has so far received 23 representations of support but 55 objections.

Robert Kent, who registered an objection, said: "I think an area of outstanding natural beauty and a traditional market town, adopting the banality of the golden arches would be a sad day."

There are also concerns about the amount of litter generated by the restaurant.

Stewart MacDonald argued: "I'm against this proposal as a McDonald's restaurant will bring with it a significant litter problem in the surrounding area including around Rutland Water.

"While McDonald's will undoubtedly keep their site clear, they will not clear their discarded packaging from Oakham."

However, others have pointed out that the restaurant will create employment opportunities in the town.

Lisa Shaw said: "Oakham needs all the help it can get for youth employment and McDonald's would provide that."

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