Police lure pig with pizza

Police from Ohio managed to lure a pig with pizza and then put it into their police vehicle after it was separated from his family.

Police lure pig with pizza

Police managed to lure a pig that had run away with leftover pizza.

Ohio police revealed the bizarre encounter, which began when Wilbur the pig was separated from his family and meant officers had to find a way of returning him to safely.

The department wrote online: "Every day is an adventure here at Xenia PD."

Police joked that they haven't had to deal with "runaway swine" for a few years, and officer Dan Smith came up with the shrewd food-based plan when he was tasked with trying to bring back the animal home.

Dan decided to use leftover slice of pizza in order to lure the adorable animal towards his police vehicle.

He then used "a little muscle" to finally put the pig inside the car.

According to the department, Wilbur was "taken into custody without being injured" and was then reunited with his family.

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