Uri Geller applies for government job

Uri Geller has applied for a job with the civil service, after Dominic Cummings asked for "weirdos and misfits" to join the government.

Uri Geller applies for government job

Uri Geller has answered the UK government's call for "weirdos and misfits".

The illusionist has contacted Boris Johnson's top aide Dominic Cummings, who called on the government to hire people with "unusual" skills for the civil service.

Uri believes that his "genuine psychic powers" can help the UK negotiate Brexit and has even been endorsed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He wrote in his cover letter: "You say you want someone on the frontiers of the science of prediction? Well look no further.

"I am currently busy organising the opening of The Uri Geller Museum in Israel but would consider a move to Britain for the right position.

"While many have doubted my abilities, my achievements cannot be dismissed as tricky or illusions.

"Perhaps you could have used my abilities in your dealings with Michel Barnier."

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