Ho ho ho! The festive season has descended upon us once again, but it’s not going to be another ordinary Christmas.

This year, Toggle launches our exclusive series “Stars Play Santa”, where beloved local artistes Desmond Tan, Felicia Chin, Ian Fang and Paige Chua unleash their creative sides to lovingly handcraft one-of-a-kind gifts for you – their dearest fans.

And of course, we were on-site to document a blow-by-blow account of the heart and soul they poured into putting your presents together, be it a keychain or a tote bag. We also sat down with them for a quick chat about their Christmas memories and other interesting soundbites you don’t want to miss.

Sounds exciting? Keep an eye out for our exclusive photo galleries and videos of all the fun (and to find out how YOU can win each celeb-crafted Christmas goodie!), every Monday starting November 30.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!







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