Unplug to recharge

Go on a digital detox retreat to reconnect with what’s most important — the present

Take a hike along the rice paddies in Bali
Living in this digital era, many of us spend the majority of our days with our fingers and eyes glued to smart phones, laptops and all sorts of other gadgets. While technology has certainly advanced our way of life, the need to stay connected also means we are almost always disconnected from the present.

Digital detox retreats work like most wellness retreats do, except they are not here to change the way you eat, sleep, or exercise. Instead, they offer you a chance to learn to be away from the constant ping of your smartphone, as well as the space to reevaluate and assure yourself that life will go on, even when you’re offline. If you’re married to your gadgets and feeling overwhelmed and drained because of it, then make checking into one of these tech-free retreats one of your next vacation priorities.

Digital Detox
The first internationally tech-free personal wellness retreat, Digital Detox runs retreats across the United States. Participants are invited to give up their gadgets in exchange for what the organisers promise to be an off-the-grid experience of nature, growth, community and reflection. The program differs based on destination, but you can expect activities like yoga, meditation, campfires, stargazing, journaling and guided hikes, along with lots of peace and quiet. Visit www.digitaldetox.org for more information.

Bali Silent Retreat
Intentional silence makes a wonderful break from all the talking we do daily. At this silent retreat in Bali, get in touch with your inner quiet and cultivate the art of doing nothing. All activities are optional — you can do as many or none — and you are free to do as you wish, except talk. Stroll along the meditation labyrinth, write in your journal, join in the guided yoga classes, or hike along the rice paddies. The entire retreat is solar powered so leave the electronics aside — there are no outlets to recharge them anyway.

A secluded white sand beach on Lizard Island
Lizard Island Resort

Set in one of the world’s most beautiful places, the Great Barrier Reef, this stunning resort is perfect for those who doubt their resolve to stay offline. There is no mobile phone coverage on any of its secluded beaches, so you really have no choice but to stay off-the-grid. Take your time to explore the rich marine life, go paddle boarding along the bay, read a book and pack a picnic to nibble on while you laze on one of its many secluded white sand beaches. Instagram can wait.


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