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Cool down your pad this Christmas with stylish ceiling fans from Efenz

They’re anti-rust and energy efficient too

Kith Collection ceiling fans by Efenz
A stylish Kith Collection ceiling fan from Efenz is perfect for Christmas
If you’re planning on hosting parties during the festive season, it’s essential to keep your rooms cool so that guests will stick around for longer. Instead of the traditional bulky white fan, how about something more compact and contemporary like a slick black fan from homeware specialist Efenz? This local company creates high-end, quality ceiling fans that are sleek and stylish, and add an air of sophistication to any room.

To match your modern home, we recommend fans from the Kith collection that boast remarkable designs and eco-friendly functions in a range of cool colours. Here are more reasons why we think the Kith collection  would be perfect for your pad.

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They are small and sleek
Forget about boring old white ceiling fans – a Kith collection ceiling fan’s body measures only 85mm, but that’s enough to house the fan’s specially crafted 155 motor, the uniquely curved blades, and the extra bright LED panel. This petite frame makes it ideal for installing in small spaces, like in newer houses in Singapore that have smaller rooms and lower ceilings.

They are multi-functional
Having appliances that are multi-functional help to save space – a precious commodity in homes in land-scarce Singapore. The Kith collection ceiling fan fulfils this requirement because it isn’t just a fan. With a Samsung LED light encased in its motor housing, it also functions as a light to brighten up your room while preserving its trendy aesthetics. There are three light settings that you can switch between – Day Light, Warm White and Cool White – with a dimmer function that allows you to control how intense the light is. Best of all, it comes with a remote control!

They are energy efficient
The Kith collection fan is a Direct Current (DC) fan, which is known for achieving lower energy consumption in comparison to regular Alternating Current (AC) fan. Who can say no to lower electricity bills?

They are built to last
Kith collection fans are built with specially crafted aluminium heat sinks on both the motor rotating panel and the aluminium light kit base which holds the LED panel. This helps to disperse heat evenly throughout the whole fan, which prolongs the lifespan of both the fan and the LED panel. The heat sink on the rotating panel also helps to slow down the wear and tear of the fan and increases the longevity of the blades.

The unique three-piece curved blade design is specially engineered for Kith collection fans, acting as reinforcement for the whole structure, helping it withstand the stress caused by spinning at high speeds. The bulk of each fan is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS, which gives it an anti-rust property that few fans in the market can boast of.

They come with a 36-month warranty
Efenz is committed to providing quality products and a great customer experience. It’s the first ceiling fan company to offer a 36-month warranty* on its products, with free transport and labour services throughout the warranty period at no charge, so shop for a fan with ease of mind.
* Terms and conditions apply.

 They are available in different colours and sizes
No matter the size or colour the décor of your room is, there will be a Kith collection fan to fit your needs. All Kith collection fans come in five different sizes to fit everything from the smallest corner to the most spacious room in your  home. Their fans also come in four unique colours – white, black, natural pine and maple wood, along with the limited edition Midnight Titanium colour that will be launched later in the collection. web - white fan

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