MMA stars Angela and Christian Lee are fighting and eating machines

The pair also took the Toggle BFF Quiz to test how well they know each other.


Video: Philip Ang

If you’ve seen siblings and rising mixed martial arts (MMA) stars Angela and Christian Lee in the cage, you’d know they are fierce, relentless fighters. So imagine our surprise when the pair we came face to face with during our interview on Monday (May 14) were poles apart from the monsters we’ve seen in the octagon.

They were shy, soft-spoken, and possibly the sweetest siblings we’ve ever met. And sibling rivalry? Zero, zip, zilch, nada. Not only were they all praise for each other, our interview was also peppered with tender moments like hugs and adoring gazes at each other. Awww…

“I’ve never felt envious of her success,” shared Christian, “I am very proud of all of her accomplishments, and it’s great that we’ve been able to train side by side and be with each other as we competed and rose up the rankings. Angela is already a champ and I’m just trying to do what she already accomplished two years ago.”

His dream might just come true at tonight's (May 18) One Championship’s Unstoppable Dreams event, where Angela and Christian, 21 and 19, respectively, will attempt to make history by becoming the sport's first brother-sister champions.

Angela will defend her atomweight title against Japan’s Mei Yamaguchi, her first match since her car accident in Hawaii last November, while Christian will face Martin Nguyen of Australia for the featherweight crown.

Despite countless times seeing Christian in the cage, Angela admits that she still gets anxious watching her baby brother fight: “I get more nervous watching him fight than my own matches. It is a crazy feeling. But I also have the confidence in him, knowing how hard he trains, that he is going to come away with the win, so it’s very reassuring too.”

Perhaps that's why Angela was thinking in “celebration mode” when we asked the siblings what’s their favourite thing to eat after a fight.

“Ice cream with the family. He’ll get four ice cream scoops, I’ll always at least double scoop it. With toppings,” Angela replied excitedly, before gushing about her love for hawker food and how she brings her own Nutella when she eats roti prata.

Christian Lee tries to guess Angela's favourite hawker food.

Like most Singaporeans, food is a big part of the Lee siblings’ lives. They bond through food, indulge when they aren’t preparing for a fight, in fact, some of their favourite moments are when they are eating. “We have this huge passion for food. It is something we deeply connect with,” revealed Angela.

With their close bond and shared love for food, you would think that Christian would know his sister’s favourite hawker food, or that Angela would know what her brother eats for his cheat meal. But our BFF test, where we quizzed the pair on how well they know each other, revealed some surprising results. Watch our video to find out:

Catch Angela and Christian Lee in action at ONE: Unstoppable Dreams on May 18, 8.30pm, LIVE on Toggle. You can also catch the matches LIVE on Ch5 and okto Sports from 10pm.

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