This ceiling fan might be better than air conditioning

Local homeware brand, Efenz, has produced slim ceiling fans tailor-made to small spaces and low ceilings


…at the very least, it’s a major step up from the unwieldy ceiling fans of our youth. Efenz, a homegrown brand specialising in high-end and quality ceiling fans, is releasing a new capsule collection, Kith, which includes ceiling fans catered to Singapore housing trends and that consume less energy than fans of the past.

Here’s what else you should know about this collection, which features the first anti-rust D.C. ceiling fan design for Singapore


 1. It can lower your electric bill

All the fans in this collection are Direct Current (D.C.) fans, which are environmentally friendly and leave a smaller carbon footprint by reducing the energy required to run. D.C. fans. In addition to consuming less power, D.C. fans are typically quieter. So basically, you’ll be paying less for a safer and more efficient device. Sounds like a win to us!

2. It will look good in your flat

Smaller living areas and lower ceilings are quickly becoming the trend here in Singapore housing units. So Efenz tailored the Kith collection for the new housing by producing smaller, slimmer ceiling fans, without compromising on quality. Each fan contains a specially crafted 155 motor, sleekly curved blades, as well as the option to install an LED light panel onto the fan so that it can serve a dual purpose without taking up additional (precious) space.

3. The fan is remote controlled

Gone are the days when you had to get up and pull a chain in order to change your fan speed. Every fan in the Kith Collection comes with a matte black remote control, which can be used to toggle between a variety of settings. You can switch between three different light settings (Day Light, Warm White and Cool White) and use the dimmer function to adjust the intensity to of the lighting (ambient lighting, here we come!). We don’t know about you, but we’d much rather turn the lights down via remote on a romantic evening than have to stand up and yank a chain.

4. The wind is akin to a gentle outdoor breeze

That’s right – unlike old-school fans, the wind emitted varies in intensity, so as to replicate the effect of a natural breeze – again, without compromising on performance. Plus, a special “forward and reverse” feature allows you to choose whether the blades move in a clockwise or a counter-clockwise direction. A counter-clockwise movement creates a downdraft to help bring down the temperature more effectively, whereas the clockwise direction reduces energy consumption when the room doesn’t need as much cooling.

5. There are a variety of designs to choose from

The fans not only come in five different sizes, which is unusual for D.C. fans in the market, but they also come in four attractive colours.


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