5 ways to shop online like a pro

Even a consummate ‘shopperati’ and experienced fashion blogger like MELISSA KOH isn’t spared from online shopping #fails. Herewith, tips and tricks from the social media influencer, who boasts 171,000 Instagram followers

The Moneymaker: Melissa Celestine Koh

The Moneymaker
Melissa Celestine Koh, 26, a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger and Instagrammer (www.melissackoh.com and @melissackoh). Melissa recently launched her own fashion label, Run After, at Digital Fashion Week. It’s sold online at Zalora.sg.

HOME IS: A HDB flat in central Singapore where she lives with her parents and three younger siblings.

HER RIDE IS: She relies on public transportation, Uber, and occasionally drives the family car.

WHAT’S IN HER (PRADA) WALLET: “Five credit cards, EZ-Link card, and a gym membership card which I haven’t used much of. (Laughs) I also have currencies from many different countries ’cos I’ve been travelling a lot the past two weeks and haven’t cleared out my wallet. I usually withdraw $200 from the ATM each time, which I hope will last me through the week. But when I’m running low on cash, I’ll swipe my credit cards.”

8 DAYS: Why give up banking for blogging as a full-time job? 
MELISSA C. KOH: After graduating from NUS with a business degree, I got a banking job and blogged on the side. Three years ago, I left banking knowing that I could draw a comparable income from blogging. It's more unstable — I have to monitor how many campaigns I secure each month — but it’s a good time to be in this industry. Many brands are moving towards digital media.

Being a social media influencer is quite the numbers game. Yes, clients look at the number of followers I have, ’cos that’s how they measure the impact of their ads. Numbers are important, but I care more about what followers get out of following me.

What are the drawbacks of a seemingly enviable jet-setting lifestyle? Sorting through thousands of photos that I’ve taken. I travelled to New York, Istanbul, Milan, Venice and Paris [for work] all through August and September. There were so many pictures to post. It’s difficult ’cos I have stuff I need to put out, like ads and upcoming projects. I plan it so my followers won’t see too many posts with ads or with my face. (Laughs) But clients come first for sure. I also care a lot about the colours in my pics. I like vibrant things, but I need white fillers in between so my feed doesn't look too colourful. It’s micro-managing, but that’s how I do it. (Laughs)

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